Piecing and quilting, a craft.

This is an old craft that was originally used for recycling old clothes to make for example bed covers, so-called quilts. From the beginning used shirts, dresses, etc., was cut into pieces and sewn together so that they could be used again. The quilts were usually made into a blanket to the bed, it was lined with cotton wool and there was a fabric on the back. To get the layers of padding and fabric to stay in place it was sewn straight through, which gave the quilt a beautiful pattern.

This tradition has survived and evolved with time, now you do not use fabric from old clothes, but pick and choose from newly printed fine cotton fabrics that are available.
However, you still cut the fabric apart into small pieces and sew it together with different techniques, to create new works.

Lena Lysvret

My creativity is expressed in sewing and making all sorts of creations in patchwork. I sew both large and small, from quilts to wall hangings, tablecloths and small toilet bags, actually most of what you can possibly make in fabric. I live in Kinna, the textail industry´s center.

You find my creations in Akleja, handicrafts’ shop, Rydals museum

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